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India Tours and cabs India Tours and cabs

India Tours & Cabs

India Tours Cabs is a 2013 started, Jaipur based taxi service firm, who offers its own cabs & driver for travellers interested to book a private taxi in Jaipur with driver or as self-drive car.

India Tours and cabs India Tours and cabs


SNG Sons is an application for FMCG factory holders that provides for a centralized supply chain software platform, that integrates with businesses all along the supply chain and provides the visibility and techniques required to lower costs, eliminate risks, and maximize efficiencies.

India Tours and cabs India Tours and cabs


It's in the name. This is a Fin-Tech application. It has features like BBPS, AEPS Fast Tag recharge, Mobile Recharge.It is made with robust server hosted on Google Cloud Platform and comes with admin panel and customer app

India Tours and cabs India Tours and cabs


By the title, it is understood that Urban Laundry is a software for a laundry store. The app maintains a ledger of your customers, including their name and order details, you can receive notifications about the payments made by your clients, they can track the status of their orders, whether it is delivered or not or if its work in progress.

India Tours and cabs India Tours and cabs


If you are a Restaurant owner and are looking for quick and life easing measures to deal with your day-to-day restaurant related problems, be it the marking tactics, ineffective management, disturbed inventory and employee management, we have got it covered!

25 Clients 5 Sectors 50+ Projects

Creation Of Shreeva
How Shreeva Started

It all started with the idea of using technology to solve real-world problems. We never thought of creating a company, we were geeks, who loved to create new stuff for people that help them find solutions to their difficult & grinding problems.

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Principles Of Shreeva

Cost Effective Software Solution

At Shreeva, we follow the principle - MAXIMUM OUTPUT AT MINIMUM COST. Cost effectiveness ensures that our clients enjoy utmost benefits at minimal expenditure, after all, that's what software development does, building software to ease human caseload!

Custom Solutions

Customise your software based on your requirements, as we show flexibility in our operations. Having worked with multiple sectors such as FMCG, Fintech, Restaurants, Salons, etc., we maintain a close relationship with our clients to understand their needs and modify our approach accordingly.

Transparent Process

At Shreeva Innovations, our goal is to create innovative and effective technological solutions that last with our clients forever! Complete transparency is maintained throughout the process as we keep an open approach that enables our customers to have a end to end understanding of the way we work.

Comprehensive Approach to Digital Marketing

One of our key features at Shreeva is not just to focus on one aspect of online marketing, but instead take a holistic view of your business and develop a strategy that integrates multiple channels.

App Development

If you are a person looking for an app for your business or idea? Our team can help you bring your vision to life. Our team comprises of experienced developers who hold a track record of creating high-quality apps in various niches and for a wide range of clients . We hold expertise in all types of development platforms including iOS, Android, and web, and we will help you to choose the best development platform that will help you attract consumers and enhance revenue.

Quality Assurance

Who says Quality in terms of products, applications & services cannot be measured in the software industry? Absolutely dross, Yes, of course, it can be maintained and that’s the reason we are bringing forward Shreeva Innovations which keeps an open eye to the quality of the service and the requirements of the clients. Shreeva. We make sure to remain in full contact with our clients until the end of the contract. We ensure flexibility in all such aspects like upgradation or changes to be made in the app or software and provide you hassle-free quality solutions at your comfort.


Our Sectors

  • Food & Beverages

  • Fin-Tech

  • Lifestyle

  • Hotels

  • FMCG

Menu Management

Your restaurant must probably be having multiple types of Menus for each platform (Room menu, Base menu, Hotel Menu, etc), Recipes, Discount management is to be done, Multiples Categories have to be dealt with, and even appointing a Tax Manager is a task! But what if just a simple Restaurant Management Software saves all this time and money you have put in? YES! That’s right! A RESTRAUNT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE includes all the necessary softwares that a restaurant needs in its day-to-day functioning

Biller and POS

All the recent & modern Restaurants having QR Order system, booking system like table booking, food booking, etc can be managed through this software. All the billing related solutions like generating invoice of customer payment and sent to their E-mail ID o phone number, Reprinting and Bill history, Integrated discounts and taxes, POS system with a printing setup, and much more comes with this software.

Inventory Management

One of the most required softwares in the Restaurant sector is the Inventory Management software. It takes care of your Balance Sheet, alerts you in case of replenishment requirement , damage calculation, theft detection, automatic stock deduction, and much more!!

Vendor Management

Manage all your vendor details, auto purchase and billing solutions, ranking of vendors according to their performance and smart analytics, generate order reports, a ledger of your vendor, which shows their credit notes and payment history.


Keep a complete check on your employees and staff, their details, daily attendance, even the one with a Fingerprint system, payroll management, their feedback, and even schedule various tasks on their worksheets!


Send out mass personalised Ad Campaigns and offers to all your customers. Customer Relationship Management System deals with the company’s customer retention, i.e., E-main marketing, Social Media Mgmt., Campaign mgmt., and even a mobile app for your restaurant which makes sure your customers find it easy to place orders and find the menu and offers online!


With the smart payroll and attendance system, automatically manage your employee’s payment system in accordance with their working hours and scheduled task completion. This software also provides them with recommendation to ace their respective jobs, feedbacks and also training material to improve their lacking points!


You can pay all your online recharges like bill payment, generate a PAN card online and also get it verified, get status enquiry, Data card, KYC verification, and much more through this software.


Bharat Bill Payment System, is a One Stop Access to all your bill payments, as it generates multiple bill payment providers, and you can now pay various bills like electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill, water bill, LIC Bill, etc through just a single TAP!
(Form detail verification, LIC related services like LIC bill payment, live status enquiry, and PAN card and recharge related features.)


Aadhaar enabled payment services, contains aspects like Aadhaar Pay, Web E-KYC Verification, Cash withdrawal system and also balance enquiry, supports payment like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS Payment and amazon payout.


It involves all the payout features like Fund account, account validation, UPI payout, Amazon payout, and it supports payments like NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.


It involves Donation, event and fees collection, basic collection system with a payment gateway, features like collecting payment within an app, a digital wallet is also available.


Make your own online wallet with a single fingertip! It displays all the transactions that have taken place, a digital wallet system with custom E-commerce integrations and also custom FMCG integration.

Accounting and Billing software

With this software you get an expense tracker, BRS, daily reports, you can file your Income Tax Reports, get an auto invoice process, and the most important features of all, Avoiding Frauds!

Stock and Supply

Get your Inventory management software along with order management software which provides you with features like customer database integration and live order panel functions.

Marketing and operations

As the name suggests, we provide you with E-mail marketing software with Customer Contact management, Customer satisfaction and feedback, along with Agent management features like custom reporting, Policy management and much more.

E-commerce Marketplace

This software involves a B2B marketplace with advanced marketplace features like C2C marketplace, vendor marketplace, employee work hour management, global order search, and many more such features.


Billing with QR Integration, Bill based report generation and Export option, Google Analytics Integration, the most important – Business Growth Reports, Discount management, POS system with printing setup and 2-3 booking engines.

Inventory and operations

Get up-to-date Balance Sheet Management feature with a smart alert system for quantity, damage calculation of your stock, updating stock to your software and also stock deduction features which helps running the business without any hinderances!


A POS system enables to find out the current status of the hotel rooms and assists in booking confirmation process, like ID proof validation.

Inventory Management

This software includes all the hotel’s inventory, room inventory, restaurant inventory, gyms, playzone, etc, which can be maintained and be kept a check on. This system has a smart alert system that notifies you each time you are running short of some particular item. One can find out for theft, in case of missing inventory and also calculate the damages caused. It automatically deducts the items involved at the time of billing and thus doesn’t require the manager to worry about tracking the stock consumed.

CRMS and Marketing

All the customer related aspects like Social media marketing, sending customised E-Mails to the customers on special occasions and offers, running ad campaigns, a customised mobile app, generation of sales analytics report, getting reviews from customers that helps in further growth of strategies to be implemented, reviewing the reputation of the company, etc.


Creates Employee IDs, maintains their daily attendance records, systematically assigns tasks to every individual employee, integrates their working hours with their output to see their performance and hence helps in payroll management.

Receiving and unloading

Receive notifications each time on shipment arrival, a validator along with labour ledger, manage your employees through their attendance and work record, and this also includes geo tagging and payroll management.

Stocking and Labelling Management

You can edit your stock details, find out your current stock, maintain item wise stock record, maintain a daily purchase and sale record, QR labelling and scanning system for easy stock identification, and much more through just this one software!

Processing and Packaging

This software deals with the batch wise sorting of goods, along with distribution management, order management and auto sorting for packaging material.

Loading and Dispatch

Get an up-to-date status wise tracking of your goods, invoice and bill generator, damage calculation and other loading and dispatch related softwares under this category!


Internet of Things, as the name suggests, looks after the aspects like vehicle tracking, RC and Insurance verification, motion and movement trackers and machine to machine automation.


Our Plans

Food & Beverages


*Starting From

  • Biller and POS
  • Menu & Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • HRMS & Payroll
  • CRMS
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*Starting From

  • Receiving and unloading
  • Stocking and Labelling Management
  • Processing and Packaging
  • Loading and Dispatch
  • IOT
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*Starting From

  • Accounting and Billing software
  • Stock and Supply
  • Marketing and operations
  • E-commerce Marketplace
  • Inventory and operations
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*Starting From

  • Recharge
  • BBPS
  • AEPS
  • Payroll
  • E-collection
  • Wallet
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*Starting From

  • Billing
  • Inventory Management
  • CRMS and Marketing
  • HRMS
  • Property Management
  • Booking Engine
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